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07 Apr

In the church where there is a talent, it is for the common good ie for the whole community.

Living such high risk cannot be tolerated so he turns the tables by turning the abused person into a terrorised one.

This game cannot be understood by the abused person as in her situation she feels too weak to react.

She tries to console herself (mistakenly) by thinking that he is the only one who pays attention to her.

In some cases the priest allures the victim by buying some expensive gifts.

We are all for support and education to ALL our victims. But this is an important part of our pastoral outreach to such victims.

We need to make them aware of the game being played by their priest. We are not here to judge but rather to accompany these people in their spiritual walk of life. Secondly, it would be an eye opener for many others including some who are already passing through such experience.

As a defence mechanism in fact, in many cases they blame themselves rather than blame the man of God.

Maybe it will be more devastating to their faith to admit that the man of God commits such criminal acts!!! In most cases the priest might be called a serial abuser of women.

The abuser, ie the priest, inflicts a sense of guilt or that of fear in his victim in order NOT to talk (like all criminal people), or write. In most cases it’s true that the congregation, again because the truth is too hard to handle, they might opt in for labelling the woman as a great sinner (they use another much stronger word! But this is another proof that a relationship based on fear is no relationship at all and there is no sign of love at all.