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15 Jul

As you've probably already guessed, the main attraction was just beyond those once-mysterious windows.

And the traffic noise above us was so muted, it had no effect on our conversations.

The concrete walls are several feet thick, and windows are everywhere.

Plus, there are no turn lanes into the old plaza, and vehicles in either direction have very little warning when someone attempts to merge in or out.

When IDOT highway maintenance supervisor Clyde Tobey agreed to guide me and a photographer inside the old toll offices, he did so in the safest way possible.

Besides inspecting it, he took care of it — from painting piers and oiling joints to shoveling by hand the sand/salt mix that collected against the bridge curbs in the winter."I tried so many angles to get that thing opened up," Bailey said of the walk-in vault that once held the toll-takers' deposits.