Adult and college chat

28 Jul

For just /month (plus a one-time course fee of ), you can sign up for college courses through Straighter Line.

Whether you are seeking accelerated degree programs, the opportunity to complete your degree, or continuing education to advance your career, University College offers a degree option that will fit into your schedule.

While thinking about going back to college as an adult may have you feeling that you are embarking into uncharted territory, that's not the case.

If you are taking college courses online, it is critical that you know a number of reliable backup Wi-Fi hotspots.

You’ll be surprised how widely connected you can be once you start paying attention.

And being with your kids will provide you with all the motivation you need to keep working through challenging concepts.This is worth repeating: always keep your laptop--or other device you use for school work-- fully charged.When taking college courses, any time might be a good time to get schoolwork done.When your laptop is not in use, plug it in until fully charged. And while you are focusing on your technology use, you might want to check out these top apps for college students.Feed your dog a treat every time you finish a problem set.Do what you gotta do, just don’t make excuses for not finishing your homework.Your first college course or course(s) will teach you more about how to go back to college than anything you will ever read – doesn't matter which course or what your intended major is. Home / Future Students / Adult You’re an employee, a parent, a community member, and more, so you need options that fit your life. You can tailor your education to find the best fit for you.

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