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03 Jan

I remember my time in Germany when I used to run through the forests. One time I climbed a ridge only to stumble out onto a cliff’s edge – before me was a deep three-sided valley full of trees. It literally took my breath away and I stood rapt in ecstasy, that to this day makes my chest ache with longng. Kitchen witchcraft, armchair wizardry, bedroom magick … Golden glory piercing dark clouds, casting an orange-pink hue over the upper strata, while the crescent moon hung ready and impatient in the sky over the big hill. I battled with a twitch to take photos to share with you, suddenly aware of how much of my life I live vicariously through others’ eyes.I don’t just see A Thing, I look through the eyes of another and imagine how they might see it, deftly placing myself at several removes from experiencing The Thing.The previous two posts dealt with the Greek myth of King Midas, who dramatizes the disastrous consequences of inverting the proper order: pursuing the material object of gold or physical wealth without proper respect for the divine spark of life (and thus becoming unable to sustain his own life through eating or drinking, as well as destroying his own daughter by turning her -- temporarily -- into a lifeless statue of solid gold), and judging the music of the satyr Marsyas or of the god Pan as more accomplished than the music made by Apollo himself, who is in fact the god of music and thus the divine source of it (another example of Midas' failure to appreciate the supremacy of the divine realm or to "give the divine source" its due).The second of the two posts discussing Midas examined this failure of Midas even further, noting the economic folly of (like King Midas) pursuing wealth without giving the gods their due.

Flocks of birds circled above – are they going late or coming early? My body which is too often wracked by stress and pain, breathed and sighed like the field and I felt deeply, deeply at peace.It was revelatory to stand with the world around me, without any filter …I would hunker down in the cornfield under the full moon and fill my hands with dirt speaking to my deity. I’m sure I could have got the same results without it being such a self-destructive path … Suggestion for today: Step outside, grab two handfuls of earth and look up. It is crazy that I could ever think my spiritual life could be distinct from THIS … Midas, as king, should have been trying to put his society in harmony with the divine pattern (as are the kings of Egypt who are shown following the lead of the goddess Seshat in establishing the measure and alignment of the foundations of their society) -- but instead he focused only on the physical trappings of wealth, ignoring the divine source of all blessing, failing to acknowledge the divine source and "give the gods their due," so to speak.Note that the description of the roles of Seshat cited above points out that she is described in some ancient texts as counting out the wealth brought from abroad -- and some have suggested that implicit in this role was the admonition to the nation to be sure to give the gods their due part of all the increase, in recognition that the divine realm is the first source from which all increase camera, no mental notes in order to share it with another.

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