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Ultrasound dating at 5 weeks 0 days should have a 95% confidence range of 4 weeks 4 days to 5 weeks 3 days which is /- 8%. If you conceived later, your ultrasound should measure smaller than the expected dates based on LMP and your due date would be later. Read more You did not get pregnant before your last menstrual period. Remember a pregnancy lasts forty weeks from the last menstrual period. But, as always, life is not perfect and mistakes can happen. If you conceived on 2/26, you are about 15 weeks along.It would be just a bit more certain if your first ultrasound had been in your 6th or 7th week.I wouldn't rely on an ultrasound at week 11 to tell the difference between two possible dads who are close together in time, for example. The margin for error at 11 weeks is give or take several days, some docs even say plus or minus a week.If you know for sure your first day of LMP was 2/14, suggests ovulation 2/28. These are estimates based on assumptioms, but the dates are close enough that it is possible you could have conceived 2/21.

The margin for error at 11 weeks is give or take several days, some docs even say plus or minus a week.

That does not mean someone with an average-size baby growing at the average rate will have an ultrasound that is off by several days, for them the ultrasound could still be spot-on at 11 weeks.

That means the number is the "number of week pregnant" the woman is, on the day of her ultrasound. Read more Us dating between 8-13 weeks is the most accurate to within /- 3-4 days. Read more Estimated due dates are just that - estimates.

(if the number did not already have the 2 weeks added on, then the number would be the "age of the fetus", which is 2 weeks less than the "number of weeks pregnant") ... Us dating is most accurate between 8 and 13 weeks using the crown rump length of the fetus. Making sure interval growth is appropriate at your doctor checkups and the fetal anatomy ultrasound is what we all want to see. Read more A due date, based on an Ultrsound in the second trimester can be off a week. It is possible the dating by last menses may be incorrect as well, especially if menses are variable. 1st trimester dating ultrasounds are based entirely on size measurements, regardless of lmp/ovulattion.

To answer your last question first -- say a woman gets in a car accident, for a clear example, and the trauma triggers labor.

Since she is in her 36th week, the doctors let the labor continue, and she delivers the baby.

As such, you should be closely followed by an obstetrician with frequent sonos to assess fetal well being with consideration for induction or c-section if appropriate. Read more 14 week ultrasound is on the cusp between first and 2nd trimester. Read more Based on your dating ultrasound, your estimated date of conception would have been 2/26. Month=9&day=6&year=2013 which is a conception calculator your estimated conception date was 14 december 2012 (between 12 to 17 december 2012).

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