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19 Jun

We’ve all heard of dating sites promoting love affairs, casual dating and hook-ups, but so few about loyalty/faithfulness dating sites. Its daunting mission is to connect serious online daters looking with faithful mates.

That’s why I want him to be family-oriented, careful, faithful, cheerful, like to enjoy the life together with me and will try to pass by all the difficulties and troubles in our lives together.

If you want to know if your guy will be true to you, there are some signs he will be faithful that you can look for.

A lot of my friends, who have been cheated on, were afraid to date because of a reoccurrence and then it dawned upon me that there are a lot of people in the same situation and that by connecting them they could relate and understand each other.

Men tend to cheat for sexual and women cheat for emotional reasons.

He is so dedicated to the cause that he has been donating part of the proceeds from the website to Surviving Infidelity (A charity supporting infidelity victims with emotional support).In this short interview, he gives us an intuitive understanding of the fidelity and infidelity dating worlds.If they haven’t lost anything then if nothing bad happens more than likely they will probably continue to cheat. It’s not about changing partners and then I will never cheat. It’s about the consequences of their cheating and how they react. If you are in agreement about these that is how you can prevent it.