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20 Feb

Men fear that with one conversation the woman will immediately start picking out china patterns.It is clearly declaring "God is not enough." And it may possibly be abandoning God's plan for a godly relationship He has waiting in the wings. Related Truth: What does the Bible say about engagement? What was a secret was that I was going to church on my own by choice under his nose.What was also a secret was the amount of time I spent feeling guilty about choosing my mom’s religion over my dad’s.

My whole Captain America going to church routine was designed around my dad—who is a Muslim.

I have a great relationship with my dad, so it wasn’t a secret that I am Christian.

But it is also inevitable that such a close connection will draw the believer away from God (1 Corinthians ).

Dating or marrying an unbeliever will solve a lot of issues, including loneliness, the Christian culture's pressure to marry, and the desire to live life with someone else. It's easy to blame this tension on the fallen world, but truthfully, a lot of it is the fault of the modern Christian culture. In fact, it says the opposite (1 Corinthians 7:7-8).