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25 Dec

Local families won't walk on the beach any more because of the number of naked and semi-naked tourists, a phenomenon which he thinks is encouraging some Muslim youths to drink alcohol and sell themselves for casual sexual encounters. Thankfully, he says, Djerbans are traditionally tolerant.

I won the challenge and convinced them of my abilities. In computing lingo, “black hats” refer to destructive and often money-seeking hackers. The whole point was to impress people and thus to empower ourselves. Since Ben Ali’s fall, we have ceased to hack into the Tunisian State computer system and have actually pointed to over 200 critical vulnerabilities in systems or websites belonging to the National Agency for Computer Security.

How do you start a hackers’ group in a country where censorship is so severe?

Its computer engineering team, which employs about 600 techies, tried to shut fan pages and Facebook group pages.

They used all imaginable means to reinforce their control and prevent the revolution.

They even paid European hackers to attack and websites belonging to TV channels and then laid the blame on Anonymous.

Resisting the regime must have required quite a bit of courage… I became even more opposed to his regime after the Wikileaks revelations.

In front of which, as if in a mirage, oystercatchers, herons and flocks of flamingos are feeding.

Editor’s note: Contributor Mouna El Mokhtari is a French journalist and editor in chief of Webdorado.

What concrete steps did you take in order to hasten Ben Ali’s overthrow?

When I co-founded Tunisian Black Hats, I also started to take an occasional part in the activities of Anonymous.

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