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16 Mar

'It's really important to be aware that investing in Latin is largely a big punt on Brazil and Mexico, as the former represents half the MSCI Latin American index and the latter is 34 per cent of the index.''Brazil has been an economic basket case in recent years suffering mismanagement under Dilma Rousseff, political gridlock stifling reform, and heavy exposure to commodities through a period of global weakness,' says Hollands.'The recent bounce in Brazil's markets undoubtedly principally reflects investors' anticipation that Rousseff would be impeached, bringing an end to her disastrous stewardship of the country and increasing hopes for reform but the bounce also has been helped by the tailwinds of the broader rally in commodities and a weakening of the dollar easing some of the pain of servicing dollar denominated debt.'The removal of Dilma would undoubtedly be a positive but the country still has serious issues to grapple with, including a sizeable budget deficit, so I would be cautious about piling in via a specialist regional fund on the back on the back of the recent rally.'If you are looking for a global emerging markets fund which is overweight Brazil, go for JP Morgan Emerging Markets investment trust - it has 11.4 per cent in Brazil and is also heavily overweight India, my preferred emerging market.' 'Having just returned from a research trip in Brazil, the mood is tense rather than outright optimistic at this stage,' says Oliver Leyland, senior investment analyst of the Hermes Global Emerging Markets fund.

'The end of political paralysis and evidence that politicians are moving in the right direction should be enough to reduce country risk in Brazil and stimulate investment again.

A stronger currency will contribute to lower inflation and may allow the central bank to cut rates, both supporting consumer confidence.'Even after the recent rally, Brazil’s credit default swap spreads [insurance against default of government bonds] and long term bond yields [interest rate at which the government can borrow] are still well above historical norms, indicating plenty of upside in a blue-sky scenario for the Bovespa index which is still only trading just above book value [the amount companies in it would be worth if they liquidated all their assets].''To halt the upward path on debt/GDP Brazil needs to reduce its fiscal deficit so temporary tax hikes and government expenditure cuts are needed in the short term, with a broader reform package to reduce the cost of social security and pensions also expected.

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Investing experts don't have a good word to say about left-wing Rousseff, who along with da Silva spearheaded an anti-poverty drive which made their Workers' Party popular enough to win four elections in a row.

The leader of the impeachment campaign, Eduardo Cunha, is accused of stashing ill-gotten gains in a Swiss bank account, and of inciting anger against Rousseff to distract from the investigation into his own activities.

Global markets moved into risk-off mode and the political crisis in Brazil reached new levels in January, following further progress with the Lava Jato investigation into corruption at Petrobras, the state oil giant.'However, the end of January proved to be a turning point for global markets as a change in policy expectations for G3 central banks [US Federal Reserve, Bank of Japan, and European Central Bank] led to a weaker dollar, recession fears eased and commodities and equity markets rallied hard.'This coincided with material progress towards the impeachment of President Rousseff and – on the hope of a fiscal adjustment and reforms under a new president – the Brazilian market has rallied by nearly 70 per cent from its January lows.''Although the increased likelihood of impeachment or an annulment of Brazil’s 2014 election has provided the impetus for a strong move in the market, while the political soap opera continues very little is being done to actually make the fiscal adjustments that Brazil needs.'The real hope is that if Rousseff is removed from office, then either Vice President Michel Temer (if Dilma is impeached) or a newly elected president (following a new election) will make advances on the macro policy agenda that will strengthen the fiscal outlook and allow monetary policy to be eased over time.'We believe this is crucial to restore confidence; an increase in investment would help support an economic recovery and allow the currency to stabilise.

Although Brazil is likely to remain in recession through 2016, these developments would improve the outlook heading into 2017.'Smith added that the Neptune Latin America fund remains underweight in Brazil, with 30 per cent of the portfolio invested there, costing it some performance through not owning index heavyweights such as Petrobras, Banco do Brasil and Vale which rallied between 80 and 100 per cent from the market’s January low.

'There is a sense of fatigue and animosity towards the political class, particularly given the scale of corruption being brought to light by the Lava Jato graft scandal.

The economic reality is dire, with Brazil experiencing the worst recession in many decades.'Unemployment is soaring, disposable incomes are being squeezed and business is holding off on any meaningful investment.

While the path is likely to be volatile, a number of the key buildings blocks may now finally be falling into place.''The Brazilian market has had a very strong start to 2016, outperforming all other emerging markets, as well as most other global markets, with US dollar returns of 35 per cent so far,' said Thomas Smith, manager of the Neptune Latin America fund.

'This strong performance has not been without volatility, however.