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19 May

franchise spinoffs, the 36-year-old entrepreneur tells Us Weekly he's done with reality TV.Money points out that she has heard the rumors that Jordan was hoping for fame from appearing on the show, but she doesn’t think Fletcher should be overly concerned. “I’ve heard things floating around, but those things always happen,” Money adds. PHOTOS: What happens after The Bachelor's final rose?Why won't Bunn be partying in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico alongside Kirk De Windt, Tenley Molzahn, Jaclyn Swartz, and Ashley "Onion Girl" Salter? "[ABC] did express some interest, but I'm actually dating a very lovely lady that I like very much so I did not have to go back to paradise," philanthropist Bunn told Us at the June 8 LYCOS Life launch party in L. "I think people have had enough of me, I've been on a few shows." PHOTOS: Bachelorette relationship updates Bunn's luck in love comes after he was publicly rejected by Pappas, dated days.

He’s got these eyes that just kill you right when you see him. ’ The unique thing about Graham is that he is not just hot, he is an incredible human being. He’s just a really incredible guy all around.”Michelle didn’t expect to find love on the Bachelor Pad, saying that she was there to win the prize money.

He’s so much more than just beautiful on the outside. She explains;“My intention in going on the show was to win the money – end of story.

The two keep their relationship going strong with communication.

What are some keys to making a long distance relationship work? Have a Friday night movie date: Movie dates are a dating staple.

The Bachelorette season 12 villain and cold-cut aficionado Chad Johnson already got the boot from Jo Jo Fletcher, and Michelle Money tells Us Weekly exclusively that his antics are likely to hurt his dating life down the road too.

As for how getting antagonized on the show affects someone’s day-to-day life, Money says, “It just depends on the person and how they’re able to overcome it.