Problems updating iphone 5 software

16 Feb

Recent rulings have ensured that jailbreaking your i Phone is not illegal, although Apple maintains that it will void your warranty.There are several reasons why backups can take forever on an i Phone, so here are a few tips you can try that should increase the speed of your i Phone backups and restores.Yes, these tips work on Mac OS and Windows, and for i Pod Touch too.It’s easiest to just right-click on the file you want and save it directly, some users experience trouble with Safari when directly clicking the download URL.If you are unsure of the type of i Phone, here is how to check if an i Phone is a GSM or CDMA model.

Note that we are not hosting the files, they are direct links to Apple’s web servers.NOTE: Older i OS versions are not necessarily guaranteed to function as Apple may or may not be signing the IPSW version any longer.For this reason if you ever need i Phone warranty service, be sure to unjailbreak your i Phone before taking it into Apple.There are mixed reports of Apple caring and not being concerned that phones are jailbroken, but your mileage may vary and it’s best to play it safe.IPSW files are essentially just packages to deliver updates to your i Phone, i Pad, and i Pod touch including the baseband and firmware.Anytime you update your device i Tunes will grab a new IPSW from Apple’s servers.I’ll be the first to admit that I was skeptical of this solution until I tried it myself; I had 1,728 photos saved in my i Phone camera roll.