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27 Jan

He also questioned Data about whether his hair grew, and observed that Data was "breathing" and had a "pulse." However, these seemingly aesthetic elements of his person did in fact serve a functional purpose, as his circulatory system was designed to produce biochemical lubricants and regulate micro-hydraulic power, and his respiratory system helped to maintain thermal control of his internal systems.Though he had attempted sleep from time to time, presumably simply to emulate Humans more thoroughly, he appeared to have remained almost constantly active before 2369.After this date, Data suffered an accident which activated a series of circuits in his positronic net that allowed him to experience dreams.(") Data always sought to become more Human in his behavior, sometimes with unfortunate results.His attempts at humor were not successful, nor were his attempts at romance and love.

After this, he began sleeping regularly in order to experience these dreams.(") Data also demonstrated immunity to telepathy and other psionic abilities.