40something dating rules

22 Apr

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And the little you’ve shared about your daughter — that she, at 10 years old, has the maturity and foresight and commitment to you to suggest family counseling after being so slighted in her own home by this woman she hardly knows — suggests that, if you’ve always been such an irresponsible father (and I’m not suggesting that’s the case), then she must have one hell of a stable and loving mother, or the two of you as parents just lucked the hell out. If she won’t agree to it, the answer is pretty clear.

Either way, your daughter has given you a chance to have her back.

Sure there are other things it’s useful for, but that’s a different conversation and not part of this rant.

Let’s take this and apply it to the business aspect Internet connectivity is a utility for the most part, and in our home the currency is rewards based around education.

My daughter will not come back home unless the three of us go to a shared counseling session; however, my wife refuses to go because she thinks Americans are addicted to therapy.

I have begged and pleaded with her to come to a session so that I can get my daughter back home; however, she is steadfast. You married a long-distance girlfriend without first transitioning her into your and your daughter’s life together (did she need a green card, by chance? You call your new wife “wonderful” despite how shitty she has treated your 10-year-old daughter and, rather than kick her ass to the curb when she refuses to get any sort of professional help and guidance to smooth the rocky waters SHE created with your daughter, you have let your daughter stay away from your home all these months? If you are being forced to choose between being a husband and a dad, it’s your wife who has given you that ultimatum, and, so far, you have chosen her over your daughter. And, to be quite frank, you don’t sound like much of a dad at this point.

My 3 children can tell you what a painful and frustrating experience they’ve had when their currency ran out.

As a society, we must stand up against what the FCC is about to do to us ALL.

Want to see that porn clip your buds have been talking about? You cannot even circumvent my network rules with VPN (disallowed by default, allowed only by per device) or go to a website by IP address.

I can even redirect websites of my choosing to wherever I want them to go.

Recently I have stated that our relationship is going to be in trouble should this situation persist, but the wife’s answer remains “No, not ever.” I love my daughter very much and the past three months have been torture without having her home. I feel like I must choose between being a husband or being a dad. You’ve chosen a woman who would rather at a young girl whose father just married a woman she hardly knows than, you know, act compassionately and maturely and lovingly with a brand new step-daughter who is probably freaked out by this sudden change in her family and lifestyle. I can only imagine you have been blinded by something about your wife those of us reading your letter can’t see and aren’t privy too.

There must be something about her that has rocked your world because what you HAVE shared about her isn’t good.