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28 Jan

Vala Mal Doran is a combustible and strong character, and her many moods give opportunity for a varied wardrobe.The ceremonial garb aobe-left is a particularly sadistic challenge, showing both the upper arms and sides of the abdomen; you don't get away with anything on Mc Quarrie's watch., ludicrous as it is, is not sci-fi).The costume for Ajor (Gillespie's character), little as there is of it, seems to be a rustic suede affair where dignity is unwisely maintained by sparse laces.I had absolutely no idea that she'd be in those clothes and she'd end up a sex-symbol.With the wisdom of hindsight, of course - put someone in a leather leotard after the football results, and inevitably you're going to get a load of the male population tuning in. , they described what my character looked like and I thought: “Ok cool, that might involve a couple of extra hours in makeup, I can deal with that.” I never really understood how much time it would entail until I began work.

"It took three hours to apply the makeup for that scene and a lot of patience".

Cassidy's friend Marika Contempasis (uncredited) was the designer.

A far more suitable candidate would have been the lovely Caroline Munro (see #35), who had turned the role down many years earlier.

Designer: Christina Mc Quarrie Mc Quarrie's excellent work with Morena Baccarin (see part #1) continued apace in her designs for Black.