Honda pilot updating navagation system

08 May

I've been using GPS navigation systems for many years and this is the only system I have encountered that does this. I understand Toyota's position, but if there is a passenger in the car there should be a way to override the interlock. In a smaller city such as the one I live in, even though the address I am seeking is on the road that has been in existence for 20 years, the system is unable to provide turn by turn instructions. We use the override feature on the Navigation system when traveling and only when there are two people in the car -- a Passenger to interact with the Navigation system while the Driver devotes full attention to driving. If the insurance company gives enough the Toyota is gone and it will be replaced by a car built by a company that understands what HMI (! I was not happy when I realized that there was no override for the Nav. At the very least you should have considered an override triggered by the front passenger seat. I look forward to a well-publicized "defective by design" class action lawsuit. L once stood for c Lass but it's LOSER seems more appropriate! I will never buy another Toyota product again, and I've had a few, UNLESS they activate the locked features. This is completely ridiculous and the fact that no one told us about this is if I would have known. I know my husband should be concentrating on driving, but what's wrong with the passenger inputting the info. Let us be the judge of what we can and cannot do while driving. Why not sell the vehicle to the public but disable the vehicle to ensure total safety?Paid 00 for my Solara nav system that doesn't come close to performing as well as the 5 dash top Garmin that I use in its place. In my opinion, it is a material fradulent omission that borders on criminal conduct. Stopping the vehicle each time my passenger/helper needs to input a new, or find our next destination is a real problem. Really disappointed that a luxury/expensive vehicle with a navigation system as part of its sales pitch on its promise. Am very dissapointed in the unfortunate decision made by Toyota without considering how it would impact buyers. Not being able to use the nav system while driving is a good option, however, as an adult, I should be able to override this. This can easily be solved in the file of your next DVD release! and when I brought it back for the inspection sticker they told me could not and I was also past my three days allowed in this state to return. Not only does it not let you use it when you are moving, but it is so out-of-date. When Apple or Microsoft run out a new gadget they have problems, but those companies put out free fixes as soon as possible so that people can download. The navigation system is worthless when traveling down the road with a passenger and are looking for gas, food, etc. This not only drastically reduces fuel economy, it also is likely to contribute to safety hazards (pulling over at highway speed on the shoulder of the road)! I find it very inconvenient and will end up using a garmin instead. Nevertheless it can tell you when it arrives at the planned address, suggesting (as noted above) it is using GPS data to know where it is. , I asked about both the nav system and the integration of the phone and neither GPS or Phone work as defined. Having to listen to the instructions first and having such a limited selection renders the system nearly useless. I recently purchased a 2008 RX 350 with navigation and i that the navigation system does not work when the car is moving (especially when someone is in the passengers seat). Why not disable the seat belt disconnect so I can't remove it while the vehicle is moving too. For local driving, I don't need the NAV/GPS and would rather have the entertainment system screen be on all the time. Toyota Prius navigation is useless, if you can't use it when driving. Although all of the streets are present on the map, and the system seems to know where it is based on GPS data, it is unable to use that data to provide turn by turn directions. I frequently drive while my husband does the navigating. Why does Toyota assume that there is only one person in the car at a time??????? What do you call 100 liability lawyers at the bottom of the ocean? If I had known about this "safety" feature we would have skipped the GPS System altogether, or gone with the BMW we were considering instead. I give you over K, you give me what the hell I want. What bugs me more is that the NAV map is the default in the integrated system.

Then it connect for a minute and then disconnect again. I am already forced to agree to the safety warning everything single solitary time I turn the car on. I am desperately seeking an override for the 2006 Toyota Sienna LXI. It is inconvenient and at times unsafe to have to pull over so my wife can find a store we are looking for. My phone shows it as connected, but the system does not recognize it. I should be able to make the decision on when to operate my navigation system.