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12 Jan

'The accusation is predicated on the charge that Secretary Clinton approved the sale,' Smith added.'She did not.

In a letter to the House Judiciary Committee, which is holding an oversight hearing Tuesday, the Justice Department said Sessions had directed senior federal prosecutors to 'evaluate certain issues' recently raised by Republican lawmakers.

If prosecutors do appoint a special counsel, speculation could arise with regards to the independence of federal investigations under President Trump.

The clamor on the right for an investigation against Clinton is putting pressure on the attorney general, Jeff Sessions.

Sessions said Monday that prosecutors were looking into whether a special counsel should be appointed to investigate Republican concerns.

The athletes were spotted on a romantic dinner date shortly after Christmas, a source told sports gossip blog Terez Owens."Danica and Aaron were all over each other, kissing and couldn’t seem to keep their hands off each other," the eyewitness said adding that the pair “want to keep this quiet for now” but are “really hitting it off.” Rodgers, 34, split from longtime girlfriend Olivia Munn in April 2017.The report said members of the committee, including Clinton, should have known about the investigation and it questioned why they would have approved it.In his segment, Smith then stated what the allegations against Clinton were.'Nine people involved in the deal made donations to the Clinton Foundation totaling more than 0million,' Smith said.The evolution of carnivorans appears to have been a gradual process that happened in both North America and Eurasia, making it difficult to infer when it all started.

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