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07 Feb

Do you focus on positive topics of conversation, or spend the evening complaining about the weather, the traffic, your coworkers? Approaching each new date like the whole season is on the line is a sure way to come off as uptight, overly serious, and emotionally fragile—deathly afraid of yet another strike out before the pitcher even takes the mound. Remember that dating is not about winning or losing, but about having (and being) as much fun as possible while you play the game.

Spend roughly ten seconds introducing yourself and another person. Recognize that people are so involved in themselves, they usually don’t have time to judge you.

Everyone is self-conscious whether you can see it or not.

“Losing is a disease,” he says to the assembled team in a monotonous, nasal voice.

He slowly repeats himself three times, then, waving a boney finger, he adds: “Ah, but curable.” To prove the point, Hobbs finally gets his chance at bat—and magically leads the team to capture the pennant.

BUT, routines also make it difficult to meet new potential dating partners. It’s normal to feel self-conscious around new people.Remember that name game icebreaker where you had to walk around memorizing colleagues names and a fun fact about them? Not everyone is going to like you, but if you’re a friendly person you’ll have a better shot.Santorini — the Greek island that affords of the world’s most famous and dramatic ocean views — received 93 percent more likes. Men who post travel shots from Portland get 56 percent more likes… By the way, if you’re a travel lover looking for the same, here’s where you want to be: Single globe trotter are most likely to be found in San Francisco, with San Diego, New York City, Los Angeles, and Austin following behind.Baseball has long been a rich source of dating references and metaphors: striking out, getting to first base, and knocking it out of the park.Use your name and fact remembering skills to introduce people to others.

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