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15 Jan

It is that time of the year when almost every sweetheart on earth professes their respective love with extra care and affections. Go ahead a step further by professing your love for your beloved but in a different style.In August she captioned a photo "thanks for showing me what true love is." Omg!We first started to think Christian might be the real deal when Sammi posted an adorable snap, which features the reality star in a purple and black bikini top with jean shorts hugging her bathing suit-clad beau.In reality my plane was delayed an hour and it turns out the drive from my airport to his was two hours, not the forty-five minutes I had thought. And now I am saving my pennies for a flight to England and I am officially his “bird” (girlfriend). 4th of July at Siesta Key in Sarasota Our last photo together on the trip, at the airport.Additionally, a torrential downpour rolled in and at times I couldn’t even see the hood of my car on the highway. That first meeting might not have happened quite the way we’d pictured, but it didn’t matter. Can’t wait until we are together again ❤ Me and my honey at his favourite store, Wal-Mart! ) Stopped for a drink in Miami 🙂 clue: youtube Universal again… Not gonna lie got a little teary after he went through the gates.

back in April that she is dating again, and by the looks of her Instagram, she's already in deep with her new beau!

Samantha recently brought Christian as her date to Deena Cortese's wedding, and once he's in with the crowd, you know it's real!

I had made two wonderful new friends on my flight over; a girl about my age named Tamara who turned out to be an actress on one of my favorite shows, and her mother Maria.

Like me they were headed to Tampa, and instead of renting a car I offered to give them a lift.