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28 Dec

“There was no intention of making something practical.”The idea for the KTM has been kicking around in Max’s head since he made his first bike in his dad’s workshop, while recuperating from an off-road accident.

It works just fine, and it doesn’t fade when hot.” Bodywork? The slim tank is hand-fashioned from 6061 aluminum, and at the front (on the left side) is a separate coolant reservoir. “It’s polished and plated in the traditional way, then chemically tinted, then clear coated.

It looks amazing but it has to be treated like paint—it’s much more delicate than regular nickel plating.” The wheels and ‘clincher’ tires are an age-old combination that Max is familiar with.

“After 30 hours of turning knobs, they were done.”The bike is more powerful than expected.

“I ran the blower gearing at 1:1 to start, and found it perfect at about 7 to 8 psi.

So I decided to run a shaft to the rotor, driven by another sprocket.” When the first images of the KTM appeared on the net, some folks got all hot and bothered by the brake setup.