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Above her slim waist her tummy was tight and flat, with rock hard abs, yet soft and smooth with an attractive bellybutton.Fathiers were capable of running at great speeds across various terrains, including beaches, fields, and cliff faces.Fathiers were able to be domesticated, and they were used as mounts in competition. The authors are undergraduate and graduate students in anthropology and linguistics at Wayne State University.Over the next few weeks, some students will be posting links to PDF versions of their final papers below their abstracts.

Markel: Power Play: gender, power, and language of nurses and doctors Kailey Mc Alpin: Analyzing Detroit’s Racialized Public Discourse of Urban Renewal through Metaphor Luke Pickrahn: The language of extreme metal Terri Renaud: Language Construction and Cultural Representation in Fantasy Video Games Elizabeth Riedman: The discourse of Detroit: A critical look into the use of language within Detroit documentaries Rebecca Sawyer: Beisbol and Tostones: Constructing Narratives of Puerto Rican Identity in Secondary Level, First Year Spanish Textbooks Maria Schell: Discipline or Domestic Violence: Distinctions in discourse about interpersonal violence Jasmine Walker: Lexical and Performative Cues for the Provocation of an Altered State of Consciousness in the American Evangelical Church Hannelore Willeck: 18th Century Advertising Language and the Shift from British Colony to New Nation Josh Wolford: Anishinaabe Toponyms in Michigan: A History of Colonized Folk Etymology and Anishinaabe Cultural Renaissance Athena Zissis: Memories of Unrest: Placing the Detroit 1967 Project within the Riot vs.Fathiers, also known as "space horses," were a species of non-sentient quadrupeds that resided in the galaxy.During their search, the two ran into trouble with the Canto Bight Police Department, and they hid in the fathier stables at the Canto Bight racetrack.