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18 Jun

Perhaps the most heavily criticized aspect of Mai-Hi ME is its ending, which many feel undermines the drama that leads up to it. I just finished watching and (mostly) reading everything for Mai-Hi ME/Otome. Recently, and in particular based upon EXA, I've been wondering whether or not there's a genetic component to developing Hi ME abilities. Inspired by The Essential List of Things you would do with Shizuru and the Sister Yukariko's confession booth! threads, I decided to make this one : D Continue the list of things...With regard to EXA, it is stated that becoming the vessel ... --- We got a clear answer in the flashback where Kagutsuchi's spirit races towards a drowning Mai Tokiha and Mikoto Minagi, after the ferry incident i... --- When Mai points Natsuki out to Chie and Aoi in Episode 2, Chie just casually says something along the lines of "Oh...that's... Well, ok, we all know that the actual panty thief is an Orphan. And we all know that it was Natsuki's idea to lend her underwear as bait to capture the panty... Examples: --- This thread will house all requests for specific screenshots from the Mai-Hi ME series!Sure she and I have tossed ideas as to where Tomoe came from around, but Natsuki had effectively figured out everything but her name.Amazing."Yup, thought so." I drew in a breath as she leaned in to place a soft kiss on my lips. I don't care what her family's social standing is or how much money they are sitting on.

If you could change something about the ending to the series what... --- Our lovely moderator shezaei neko has uncovered a useful website a few months ago named Otaku Republic. Despite being back in school now, and having little time to spend on watching through series, with the exception of ma... Midori-ism The Worship of Midori Sugiura and the following of her example! Back in 2012, the first topic I posted (after my introduction) was a request for help finding a complete version of an old Wizard Magazine interview/episode commentary with Mai-Hi ME director Masa... She is an artificial intelligent being that is programmed to do many awesome things, like blow stuff up. Sometimes while I'm away or sitting at home, I'm constantly reminded of Mai-Hi ME and Mai-Otome everywhere that isn't Mai-Multiverse. Midori Sugiura of Mai Hi ME and Mai Otome is the perfect example of what it is to be a badass, from her perfect figure to...In order to protect the princess from her vicious stalker, Natsuki must play the part of a prince and dress as a man.Some say that fairy tales end in happily ever after, but there is always a price to be paid... All Mai Hime/Otome characters are the property of sunrise.