Dating song boys movie lyrics

25 Jul

From 1933 to 2009 and from doo-woppers to cowboys, our list has a little something for everyone to love.He talks about being mesmerized at first sight and how his feelings only grow stronger with time.This is the kind of song that touches your heart and gets stuck in your head all day long.Because I watched the video like three bajillion times every week, and the night before we released the music video and I was just like, “I really hope people connect with it because I don’t connect with it right now. ” But all my friends who worked on it said, “This is really was so honest and true.” And the fight is really more symbolic with the fight and struggle with your peers and your self. I’m sure there are some form of naysayers, but every comment I’ve seen has been really positive.You’re really battling yourself in the situation, and so somehow or another people have been able to connect with the video, whether they’ve gone through it or maybe they felt a certain way but didn’t actually go all the way. It’s just been wonderful because I think people understand it’s one story, it’s one situation, it doesn’t represent the world.

Her voice was truly a once-in-a-generation kind of gift.At the 1997 Academy of Country Music Awards, the music video won Video of the Year, while “It’s Your Love” won Single of the Year and Song of the Year.