Fat grannies datesite

30 Jun

“You can see grandparents chasing their grandchildren around with a bowl and spoon in their hands, trying to feed the running children,” says Professor Zhou, whose mother has been living with her and caring for Anzhou since she was born.

’ She will chase my daughter around, sometimes to the neighbours’ home, to feed her.” If her mother thinks Anzhou has not eaten enough, she’ll cook another meal between meals.

But Professor Zhou is more concerned about how her mother’s behaviour might affect her daughter’s autonomy and independence, than her weight.

“We see grandmothers and grandfathers arriving [after school] with cookies, eggs, milk et cetera,” said one interviewee, a local teacher.

“We expect that the amount of food our children are given is equivalent to four or more meals a day.” Chinese grandparents commonly take on significant childcare responsibilities while both parents work.

The Roman poet Virgil may have warned of Greeks bearing gifts, but in modern China it is grandparents clutching cookies that are the sleeper threat, according to a team of Chinese and British researchers.A threat to the health of their grandchildren, that is.Sometimes I know he is eating too much, but I am so happy to see him keep eating and getting bigger.We can’t ask the little one to stop eating if that’s what he likes to do … I think the child’s obesity is directly related to us.” Other perceived obesity risks were identified for both cohorts.Binns’ team interviewed nearly 2000 mothers in the Chinese cities of Chengdu and Wuhan, and 91 ethnically Chinese mothers living in Perth, all with children aged between two and four.In China, 89% of the Chinese mothers of overweight or obese children did not consider their children to have a problem. Professor Binns told The Medical Republic he thought Dr Li’s study was “basically correct” and that “perceptions of grandparents are important”.