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17 Feb

The road and track today forms part of Route 22 of the National Cycle Network. The Roman's adapted the route and in the 19th century it appeared on Ordnance Survey maps as the Pilgrim's Way, although this has been dropped from modern maps in favour of the name North Down's Way as this romantic notion practically suggested that the pilgrims made famous by Chaucer would have to make a 30 mile diversion from their most direct route to Canterbury in order to use it. An important prehistoric trackway ran through Pewley Down which formed part of a route running from the Kent coast. Close to Henley Fort is a high-tech landmark that can be seen clearly for many miles around. The fort located at the end of The Mount, overlooks 22 acres of open space for camping, has two bunk houses sleeping 20 people, a dining hall for 80, a Home Guard hut, air raid shelter and powder rooms.

of a water course and were ordered to pay £5,000 in costs.

This involved lengthy investigations and legal proceedings to force the sale of the clerk's house in order for £120,661, including costs, to be repaid to the council.

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