Dating a bandmate

01 Jul

The 30-year-old knows a thing or two about the fame game, having been a member of girlband The Saturdays from 2007 to 2014.However, as she confirmed that they were "not together", Mollie did explain why she thought there were so many rumours going around."We get on so well, that's why there's these rumours," she said to the presenters, though they both confirmed that they were single.She also suggested that "everyone loves a love story", hence why there may be an eagerness to claim that they were an item. ” you whisper as George’s lips caress the sensitive skin of your neck. Josh immediately elbowed him, but Jaymi already noticed. ” “I think it’s time for you two guys to say it.” JJ started. ” JJ: It was your brother, George’s birthday party and of course the boys threw a big party for him. “He’s not going to be back until another 30 minutes, don’t worry.” He says referring to your brother, Josh, who didn’t have a clue of what was going on between his younger sister and his band mate for months now. ” Although he wanted you badly, he agreed knowing how important your brother was for you. ” he sighed walking over to the couch to wait for Josh to arrive. ” He winked as you blushed and exchanged an awkward look with Josh. In the big crowd it was easy for you and JJ to disappear, finally having some alone time after being interrupted by someone all week. Don’t worry, it’s barely visible.” He sighed, not really able to change it and reached to pull your shirt up to get a better look at it.

News broke when Leo, who is the son of fashion retailer Tina Tan-Leo, posted a photo on his Instagram account with the message: "Happy Valentine's Day Baby!!

To the memories we've made and to the adventures that await us!

He said: "I just don’t feel the urge to go try something new.

And I happen to know that he’s hanging out with somebody that’s a purely poisonous predator now.

But long before her days in the music scene, Mollie nearly carved a name for herself as a skier.

Mollie was a keen skier and made it onto the British Children’s Ski Team, receiving a scholarship into the British Ski Academy.