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26 Apr

If you try my techniques and they don't work for you.Give me a "love girl" or an "average girl" any day.Use The Mystery Method and David Deangelo's "cocky and funny" and guess which type of girl you will end up with? You won't hit 80-90% success like I do because you won't be addressing all the personality types, and you won't get girls that you'll really like.David Deangelo, Mystery and Neil Strauss teach you technique as if all women were the same.The Mystery Method teaches you a very similar technique to what I use in the above "bar and club" articles. But that is the only personality type his stuff works on.

It takes a guy with REAL EXPERIENCE with ALL KINDS of different relationships and all kinds of different personalities, and a guy who is old enough for his own personality to have undergone various changes throughout his life, to even be half-way qualified to shed some light on this subject.And lucky for you, I understand it and can explain it.(I'm not the only guy who has been there and done that, but I may be one of the few who understands it and can explain it SITUATIONALLY and in DETAIL.EVERYTHING is SITUATIONAL when it comes to meeting and relating to women.