Bible verses on purity and dating

27 Feb

Have you taken a recent look at statistics about pornography?We are not told that it is okay to brush up against it or flirt with it, and we are not told to casually walk away from it. When you’re told to flee from something, it means that whatever that something is has the power to do great harm to you and you’d be wise to run away as quickly as possible. Just as fire – something that is good, necessary, and beautiful within its proper boundaries – can lead to horrendous destruction when it breaks free of its boundaries, the wonderful gift of sex can lead to great pain and devastation when it is taken out of its intended context of marriage (2).As if “fleeing” isn’t a hard enough command to follow, Ephesians 5:3 says that, “” (NIV).So what does a “hint” look like in our world today?It’s not much of an exaggeration to say that we can barely go without being bombarded by images and sounds that can easily lead to hinting.

The lack of concern about sexual purity in our culture, and more importantly, in the church, has far-reaching consequences.It has destructive effects on individuals, marriages, families, the church body, and the world around us.

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