Is vicki from rhoc still dating brooks

16 Apr

I wonder if he stepped into it "accidentally" while waiting for that shot to be taken. I knew from Kelly's first scene last year that she would make a huge impact on this show.But after Kelly went fir her she hid in her room all day?She's lame I caught an old Say Yes to the Dress rerun from a few years back and Miss Megan was picking out her wedding gown which Miss Jim was paying for.The post alleged that the two were "grinding" and are "still together." The claims didn't go without objection from someone close to Gunvalson, who called out the post for being a lie.A friend of Vicki's shot down the rumors, saying that she was with her in Cabo.

There's little doubt that Gunvalson is willing to risk all of that after what all has happened.Fans can rest assured that it's highly unlikely Vicki is back with Brooks.These two women have become enemies and have a tendency to go too far when they want to hurt someone.Vicki Gunvalson is thought to still be with Steve Lodge, a man she met last year at a charity event. It would be shocking after the cancer scandal, but there's a rumor flying around that the two might be an item again.As fans are aware, Vicki lost the trust of her friends on the show over the scandal because they thought she knew Brooks was lying.Judging from their social media accounts, they keep busy with their own lives but enjoy those special times when they get together.It's hard to envision Vicki going back to Brooks no matter what considering the fallout that would inevitably occur; her would be dismayed and all that she's worked to redeem since their breakup would be erased.