Noyes dating endometrium

17 Jun

Endometrial development of a magnitude similar to that observed in women—that is, with special spiral (or coiling) arteries—is restricted to only a few primates, such as humans, great apes, and Old World monkeys.In most women, spontaneous, cyclical ovulation at 25- to 35-day intervals continues throughout almost 40 years between the time of menarche and menopause.For women who never use contraception, there are approximately 400 opportunities for pregnancy, which may occur with sexual intercourse on any of 1200 days (the day of ovulation and the 2 preceding days).The ability of mother and fetus to coexist as two distinct immunological systems results from endocrine, paracrine, and immunological modification of fetal and maternal tissues in a manner not seen elsewhere.The placenta mediates a unique fetal–maternal communication system, which creates a hormonal environment that helps initially to maintain pregnancy and eventually initiates the events leading to parturition.

The secretory phase was definitely shorter in the biopsied than control cycle, suggesting that biopsy does accelerate the onset of flow.

However, further analysis showed that biopsy does not interfere with length of flow or succeeding menstrual rhythm.