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24 Apr

In 1961, CBS decided to affiliate with WISN-TV (channel 12), as its sister radio station had been a longtime affiliate of the CBS Radio Network.

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Once the disadvantages of being on a UHF frequency became clear in the days before all-channel tuning, CBS wrote off the experiment as a failure.

The network concluded it was better to have its programming on a VHF station, even if it was only an affiliate.

Like movies, TV shows are rated based on content, and, like movies, there are many TV shows that are not appropriate for young viewers.Can you identify these ten shows that you should probably enjoy after the kids have gone to bed?The tower went into operation in 1963, finally putting WITI's signal on equal footing with Milwaukee's other television stations.During the 1975-76 season, ABC emerged as the highest-rated broadcast network in the United States–thanks in part to the success of two Milwaukee-set sitcoms, Happy Days and its spin-off Laverne & Shirley.Among the NTA programs aired by WITI were The Passerby, Man Without a Gun and This is Alice.From 1956 to 1959, WITI used the Du Mont Vitascan color system—which required a completely darkened set with a single strobe light, causing eye strain—for its locally produced programs.As a result, WITI-TV and WISN-TV swapped networks: channel 6 became an ABC affiliate on April 2, 1961.