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29 Jan

is based off a non-fiction book of the same title written by Margot Lee Shetterly, and tells the formerly little known story of a powerful trio of Black women mathematicians who were crucial to NASA’s success in the space race. I’m watching this at this very moment because I wanted motivation and a reminder of the importance of making this list.

We all need our days of rest in between our days of activism and advocacy, so if that’s what you’re feeling you need today, you can curl up and watch one these movies.

Rest, but remember why you have this day off to do so.

There is something about seeing a list like this and visually taking this in, I think. No matter how much I think about this, read about this, or write about this, I am constantly surprised at how many cases there are that I am able to locate.

Reminder: these are the allegations and cases that we know about. There was a woman who in 1974 accused six Notre Dame football players of gang-raping her.

She had driven there following the alleged rape — at a Notre Dame dormitory — to be examined for injuries.Although physically unharmed, the girl was later temporarily placed under psychiatric care. Now a lawyer, she contacted me after reading an earlier story I wrote about Lizzy Seeberg to say that two of the same young men accused in the case Anson wrote about, along with a third man, were caught in the act of raping her in her dorm room two years after the original case. King posted on every social media site, and reminders of how far we’ve come does not seem to hold the same glow of justice and empowerment today that it has in years past. This day that is filled with celebratory parades, quotes from the late Dr.

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