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17 Apr

We weigh and check each animal before releasing it unharmed back into the wild. I remember when we went to Lithuania to film the Russia episodes, that was mad.Talk to any fashion industry veteran, and the stories of Kate Moss’s wild ways are legendary.But the paranoid, insular world of fashion has always been careful about protecting its most lucrative stars—and Kate, who can make or break a brand with one look, is fashion’s greatest cash cow.Even after she was busted snorting cocaine in a record studio, perhaps it was no surprise that most of Kate’s wild life remained the stuff of urban legend rather than documented fact. Kate’s unparalleled appetite for sex, drugs and alcohol is one of the central threads of fashion writer Maureen Callahan’s new book, Champagne Supernovas, a juicy and gossipy account of the '90s fashion scene (the phrase, also used in the Oasis song, refers to a drink: a glass of champagne, the rim of which had been dipped in cocaine).

Wild Days Conservation are contributing to the NMAP through our wildlife conservation research holidays.Discover more about the British mammal species we’re studying.The photo shows us examining results from a footprint tunnel.The trap has been baited with food and painted with ink strips.Sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll have always been an integral part of her story.