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11 Jan

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Soon after leaving Brisbane for Melbourne in August 2012, she signed onto an online dating site, where unbeknownst to her she was singled out by a Nigerian syndicate'Then, when he was apparently on his way to the airport (to come to Australia) he had a car crash and was in hospital, they had other people like nurses and doctors contact you, a document showing the expenses and others playing other roles,' she said.'I would pay over 0,000 to them, that included savings, additional credit and ultimately I took money out of a self-managed super fund, which I wasn't supposed to do and which now has me in strife with the the tax office.'I am a professional person, in a well paid job, and my friends say that if they lined up 10 people in a line to see who would be caught out that I wouldn’t have been the last one to have been duped by a scam like this.' Delia Rickard, deputy chair of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), said: 'Scammers are stealing not only your money but also your data, which they then use to commit identity theft or to sell to other scammers.'It left me in a lot of strife, I gave him money from my pay, I had to borrow money to get through that first month, I closed down a lot of discretionary spending and I am still in strife in credit card and tax office debt,' she warned.

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