Tupperware party dating games

22 Feb

HEY ARE ALL HERE — the husband Sarah Mc Lachlan sometimes wonders whether she deserves; the parents she battled as an insecure teenager in Halifax, Nova Scotia; the friends who have provided her with a sense of acceptance; and the musical peers who have helped confirm that she has, in fact, made it."People have this preconceived notion of me, and often it upsets them when I try to set the record straight," says Mc Lachlan, settling onto a couch."But at this point I could give a shit if the Internet is all atwitter."But when I saw my parents, my jaw hit the floor."It's been a year for that sort of reaction. It's the best drug in the world."And so she indulges the high.First there was her marriage to Sood, her best friend and drummer of seven years. And finally there was the Lilith Fair — the all-female festival that Mc Lachlan organized and headlined, and whose just-released live album now stands as a document of last summer's most successful concert event. At her party, Mc Lachlan strolls from table to table, happy to hug each of her guests one by one.

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