Dating record block planes

20 Jul

A bullnose plane will do the same and do it more efficiently in actual fact and this is the one that I reach for first for this task.

They think that this is a more manageable plane because of its single-handed use and its compact size.

In actuality, this plane is not a smoothing plane so much as a trimming, easing, end-grain planing plane and we seldom if ever use it for surface smoothing as such, though we do use it for edge planing on narrow boards.

I’ve used Stanley block planes since I was 15 years old; 46 years. Block planes are designed to reduce vibration by placing the bevel of the cutting iron uppermost instead of downwards as in the case of regular smoothing planes.

This lower presentation angle give a direct cut negating the need for a cap or back iron and is more effective for cutting across or tangentially to the orientation of the grain.

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