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25 Jun

Companies can increase customer satisfaction with the elimination of repetitive and time-consuming tasks for more face-to-face service, and users can save hundreds of dollars because they won't need to book appointments.All the recent chatter about chatbot ideas is not exclusive to just one industry, as they have been customized for many uses and tailored to various businesses.Chatbot uses typically fall into research, lead generation, customer service, content distribution, or affiliate marketing, all of which can look very different in various industries.After the launch, agents jammed the internal call center inquiring about the policies and how to set sales quotes, but expanding the call center was out of the question for Allstate.Soon after, the company developed an AI virtual assistant called Allstate Business Insurance expert (or ABIe), which now handles questions from 12,000 agents and eventually answers inquires directly from customers.

Visabot, the first immigration robot powered by AI, can help immigrants to the U. get green cards by pulling all the relevant open data about the user, inform them of required documents needed, and ensure forms are accurately filled.

Since its beginning at the end of 2016, this San Francisco-based startup has helped more than 70,000 users apply for immigration services.

It also helps people with their health savings accounts and pushes wellness information. MD help diagnose patients with common symptoms using AI.

They can also direct them to booking an appointment with a doctor.

It talks about your mental health and wellness from brief daily conversations about what’s going on in the user’s life and how they are feeling that day.

Woebot also sends useful videos and other tools depending on your mood and needs at the moment.

Apartment Ocean is an AI-powered real estate chatbot that builds relationships with potential clients using personalized greetings through Facebook Messenger.

It also allows users to work on qualified leads to increase revenue and provide detailed customer support rather than spending time answering common customer questions.

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