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08 Apr

While some practitioners of this game do it by choice, many other would rather have more free time … The Basic Stats: Interestingly my husband is a structural engineer, who does carpentry and custom wood working on the side, which is his passion that he would like to make his career, he is not interested in ‘retirement’ he would just like a career change. Money Mustache Responds: Dear WW, While your situation sounds horrific to me, it is of course the standard situation for most two-jobs-plus-kids families.If you’re stumped for your next birthday and want to do something a little out of the box, we’ve compiled a list of kids birthday party ideas for adults.Get your friends on board and throw the party of the year. Instead of sitting in my beige 8×12 government cubicle daydreaming about how cute I would look with a new red Guess bag and tall leather boots from the mall across the street…I am now in my beige cubicle fantasizing about a simpler life with a smaller home, more time at home with my tiny humans and more time to read.Let’s begin with the end in mind: getting you some freedom ASAP.

Once you have these big wins in place, you’ll have much more time and energy to go after the medium-sized ones: your grocery bill can easily be cut in half, according to most Canadian Mustachian 4-person families.

Restaurants and other takeout frivolities may drop as well, depending on your priorities.

We’re bringing back old school birthday party ideas.

We recently attended a “trampoline dodgeball” birthday that brought us right back to the good old days of pizza, pop and party rooms.

If so, you could find a new place close to his work, and eliminate his commute as well – potentially saving the 0 per month he is currently burning up commuting in the opposite direction.

The savings from owning a less expensive house might free up an additional 0 per month in interest, since the equity from your current house would easily wipe your debts and you’d also have a lower mortgage payment.