Updating paneling

06 Jun

And with a new Pirates movie in the making, this is all not such a bad idea.

The shop Star Traders would likely be transformed into a Meet’n’Greet location for Star Wars characters.

The restaurant Pizza Planet can not continue to exist as they would like to make a “Cantina restaurant” and a walk-through attraction through a real “Millennium Falcon” and creating a “Tatooine” themed area.

The “Jedi Academy”, known from the American Disney Parks, will be integrated into Videopolis.

The renovation of Space Mountain is officially known, new trains would be added and perhaps the original effects of Space Mountain Mission 1 would return, as well as the original soundtrack of the attraction. The renovation of Space Mountain will take 6 months and would begin in January 2015, the largest project for Discoveryland is obviously the addition of Star Wars land.

“Toon Studios” would eventually turn into “Pixar Studios” with a new show for “Animaque” with Pixar themed scenes.Also the “Avatar project” from Disney World’s Animal Kingdom could possibly come to Paris, but that’s not a priority.The ‘City’ concept would go towards “Place des Stars” near “Cinemagique”.