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01 Jun

Have we degraded so far that even RUSSIA questions our ethics and record on human rights?If not, there will be violence, recidivism, and unrest. Justice must also be restorative to victims AND former offenders.Otherwise our society is doomed to failure, and we will create a caste system here much like the one in India.Yet is has happened, and not so surprisingly, the number of people departing America on asylum requests and people renouncing their American citizenship also drastically increased. Government, they convince us, is the hero here to protect us. America’s corrupt law system has more people incarcerated per capita than any nation on Earth.We incarcerate 25% of the entire imprisoned population in the world. Our agencies spy on all of us and use that against us.

Edward Snowden has entered Russia on refugee status as of today, August 1st, 2013. We obsess over reality TV and allow the corporate propaganda called news to make our opinions for us without any critical thinking.Thirty years ago the thought of fleeing America for the freedoms offered in Russia would have been unthinkable. Government imposes mandates and laws contrary to freedom nearly every day. Government uses fear to control us, but in the time tested manner of all great oppressive regimes, they use fear of each other, not fear of government.Congressman Mark Foley (R-FL), the primary sponsor of the bill, resigned from Congress when it was discovered that he was sending inappropriate sexual messages to 16 year old boys in the Congressional Page Program.