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22 Jun

kept congolese men I tell you, some Kenyan women are crazy about these Congolese guys.

These women, mostly lonely married women whose husbands are out of town on business trips or further studies, are alleged to maintain the Congolese artists.

Others are single women with well-paying jobs looking for a nice time since they are not in serious relationships.

They drive state-of-the-art cars and carry expensive handbags.

Musicians, who are normally stranded at the pubs after their performances because they have not been paid, easily fall prey. Not only are they bought beers and other expensive drinks, but are also given lifts in luxurious cars.

Emmanuel Mwashumbe, a rhumba and lingala music enthusiast and presenter at Radio Maisha says it is not so much the honey-coated voices and ndombolo moves that attract women like bees to nectar, but their manner of dressing.

He says from hair to toe, the Congolese artistes have swag; they wear wet curly kits, pierce their ears, noses and tongues and adorn them with jewellery. They have time for women and know that without them, their music business is no more because they constitute a big chunk of their fans.

L’Acromenege, Rhumba Japan, Bilenge Musica, Viva Mosukusuku, Mangelepa, Isso la Isso and other Congolese bands who play or have played in Kenya always come thoroughly styled up,” observes ‘Makambo’ Onyango, 52, a frequent patron of Dream Village Club in Nairobi.

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