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22 Feb

As soon as we have details of where the party's are going to be for 2016, we will let you know.On this page ( challenging a paradigm and presented in a mainstream forum was held back from publication by the European, Australian, and U. (John Feliks) If you are absolutely convinced that people first arrived in the Americas a mere 15-30 thousand years ago, this is because you have been spoon-fed by an institution that will not allow you to see conflicting data.When scientific institutions withhold empirical data in order to promote a single belief system they can manipulate a trusting public into believing whatever paradigm they wish to impose upon them.On this website you can learn through images of actual artifacts how the archaeological evidence for early art, myth and religion is both immense and vast.If you are prepared to think in 3D and enter into the spiritual and philosophical minds of early people, then it is time to look beyond the mundane interpretations of artifacts so long promoted by mainstream science and realize with confidence what you probably already intuitively knew - that never made it to the New World may tell you to steer clear of "fringe" ideas.

You Know Boom Town is going to be the place to be and THE Place be seen at.

Hospitality venues at the Durban July are always in great demand and we have the best options available here.

BOOMTOWN is back for a 9th year at the Vodacom Durban July.

This Marquee is widely recognised for consistently providing the ultimate in expert hospitality, and world class stage & lighting complimented by Mzansi’s top musical artists.

See more about The Pegasus options here The One Stop are also based in the grand stand and their 2 options are the Open Air venue and the In door venue, See more about The One Stop Packages here All packages include General entrance tickets to The Durban July.

If you have a group that you need help with, we have an experienced conference and events management team that can help you make your corporate weekend a success We have put together a range of packages to suit EVERYONES budgets and preferences.

They often do whatever it takes to make certain that you, as a consumer of science, are left to know of only one perspective in regards how American archaeological sites are dated and when early peoples first appeared in the Americas.

Often, they have provided dates for artifacts and even human remains specially-tailored to fit the preconceived notion that only modern This website is based on the comprehensive volume by archaeologist, Christopher Hardaker, detailing the entire story of how a whole generation of science readers have been deliberately steered away from data that might confuse them regarding the aggressively-promoted paradigm of no-early-peoples in the Americas.