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05 Jul

If you’re a Leo, your best sex would probably be with a Libra because as the stars have it, your relationship will be full of “fireworks, drama, and romance.” If you or your lover is a Cancer, you’re all about the spooning, while Scorpios are all about the kink.

Gemini also gets bored quickly, so it might be helpful to download the latest Kama Sutra app on your phone and store it nearby to keep things fresh!

" Lessard says."First of all, Cancer is the zodiac sign that rules the breasts, so either butter yours up or be prepared to fondle hers, because it's Cancer's erotic zone," Lessard says.

Lessard, who also founded The Cosmic Sex movement, gave Bustle a lot of insight into the sex lives of each sign.

Such as, did you know Sagittarians are all about the “call of the wild” and would do you up against a tree, while Taureans have more luxe tastes and would rather do it at The Four Seasons? So, read on and let the stars guide you to the best places for you to have sex.

Spontaneity is great for Cancers once they trust you, so after you've done your homework and gotten past the hard outer shell, go for an impromptu sex date by setting the mood. Leos are known for their dramatic behavior and love of the spotlight. Leos would be one of the first in line of the zodiac to go for making an amateur home video!

Bring them out to a nice dinner, then as soon as you walk in the door, press them up against the wall and strip off their clothes. True Leos embody exhibitionism at its finest.""If you want to get dirty with a Virgo, you had better be CLEAN," Lessard says. Having optimal personal hygiene and a pristine location for sexy time is a must.

A hidden room, someplace dark, a place where they've never done it before or anywhere where they can create a sense of being in control," Lessard says.

"Teacher/student role-playing would drive them up the wall.

"Cancers also must feel safe emotionally before they get down, so you want to lead into sex with them with a lot of verbal reassurance. "The best place for a Leo to have sex is where they can be fully SEEN in all their glory.

Tell them how beautiful and sexy they are and once they let down their guard, they can be some of the most erotic and kinky lovers out there! Go to The Standard High Line in NYC where there are no curtains on the windows or have sex where you can set up a video camera.

Set up the bed with crisp, white, freshly washed, bleached and pressed sheets and make sure your home is spotless (ESPECIALLY your bathroom!