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The art is available for viewing throughout the Humanities Studio. The program features two-tiered mentoring, with successful upper-division students mentoring small groups of new students, and the student mentors in turn working with faculty and staff.

Examples of undergraduate programs located in Humanities that cut across disciplinary boundaries are the majors in Global Cultures, Global Middle East Studies, and Religious Studies, and the interdisciplinary minors in Archaeology, Latin American Studies, and Medical Humanities.

Students majoring in the humanities are particularly well-prepared for careers in all fields that rely on analysis, judgment, and argument.

Humanities students have moved into business, medicine, the law, education, politics, public policy, academia, new media and journalism.

Employers in all sectors increasingly request college graduates who can communicate effectively across cultures, think critically, and have the ability to learn and adapt on the job.

Humanities Core integrates the multi-disciplinary study of the humanities along with lower-division writing for majors who enter as freshmen.

Interdisciplinary study is an essential feature of the Humanities Honors Program as well as of many of the School's undergraduate degree programs.

Employers can provide a specific form of technical training, but the School of Humanities provides the thinking and writing skills, as well as the social and emotional intelligence that allow graduates to excel in a wide range of professions.

Campus criteria for honors at graduation are described in the section Honors Recognition. African American Studies Archaeology Art History Asian American Studies Asian Studies Chinese Language and Literature Chinese Studies Classical Civilization Comparative Literature English European Studies Film and Media Studies French Gender and Sexuality Studies German Studies Global Cultures Global Middle East Studies Greek History Humanities and Law Italian Studies Japanese Language and Literature Japanese Studies Jewish Studies Korean Literature and Culture Latin Latin American Studies Literary Journalism Medical Humanities Persian Studies Philosophy Queer Studies Religious Studies Russian Studies Spanish Yong Chen, Associate Dean for Curriculum and Student Services 143 Humanities Instructional Building 949-824-5132 The academic counselors in the Humanities Undergraduate Counseling Office, located in 143 Humanities Instructional Building, help all undergraduate students within the School with their academic planning.

The Humanities Commons provides small grants to School of Humanities faculty for research expenses, conference programming, publication subvention, and conference travel. The academic counselors are especially knowledgeable about University regulations, requirements in and outside the School, course content, options to major, and other matters that may present difficulties.