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30 May

With Floodlight Cam you can see and hear any activity and speak with anyone in range of your Floodlight Cam. I'm not in the United States, will my Floodlight Cam conform to local building and power requirements? The Floodlight Cam packaging for other countries differs from our US packaging, and will include equipment that complies with all of the building and electrical requirements for your home countries. Note: As Floodlight Cam requires a junction box as well as wiring up live wires, it's highly recommended you hire a licensed electrician to install Floodlight Cam.Is Floodlight Cam compatible with Ring Chime and Ring Chime Pro?Yes, Floodlight Cam is compatible with both Ring Chime and Chime Pro.Can Floodlight Cam operate on alternative power options such as a solar panel?No, although Ring is constantly working to introduce new products and features for our products, so stay tuned!

Floodlight Cam is only compatible with 2.4 GHz frequencies.Because your Floodlight Cam will be mounted outside and far away from your router, this wider range will help eliminate interference and ensure that your Floodlight Cam always performs at its best.If Floodlight Cam doesn’t detect motion or isn’t activated with the app, it won’t use your data. It can, however, this requires a subscription to Ring Protect Plan, an optional service that allows you to view, save, and share up to 60 days of video. Floodlight Cam has a 1-year parts and lifetime purchase protection.For more information about Ring Protect Plan and what plans are available, check out Subscribing to Ring Protect Plan. Click here For more information on Ring's Limited Warranty and Purchase Protection Plan. You have 30 days from the date you received your device(s) to request a full refund.