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26 Jul

It was stupid on my part, but I never told Nina that I dated Kay. Last time we visited, my mom brought out the old photos and there was one of Kay and I at our junior prom.

The entire situation is so ludicrous, half the time I think it is all in my head. One is that it’s not completely ludicrous for your girlfriend to feel unsettled that you never mentioned you dated Kay; the other is that it’s also reasonable for you to go on your annual trip and to make it clear that Kay and her son are an important part of your (and your family’s) life.

You can, and should, apologize for not mentioning that you and Kay dated, but you should also stress that this was over a decade ago, when you were a teenager, and that Kay is a dear family friend whose son is like a nephew to you.

I’ve gotten so much unwanted attention, with people asking to see “the rock” and calling me celebrity nicknames.

My mom has used every synonym for My fiancé is so proud that he was able to get me such a nice ring since he comes from a working-class background.

I just don’t know how to tell him that I want him to take it back and get a semi-precious stone or something more to my taste.

I already tried telling him that it was too much money, but he has a great job and got a really good price, so he can afford it.

After training the new hire, I revisited the subject again and told him he broke my heart.

He said that I shouldn’t be upset, that it was a difficult time, that he considers this an even exchange, that he could’ve used a temp firm instead of me, and I could’ve gone to work at Mc Donald’s.

The longer you wait to have this conversation, the likelier it is that you will Be direct, and get it over with.

Tell him that you’re embarrassed you didn’t tell him sooner but that you were so bowled over in the moment, so excited to be getting married, that you didn’t have room for anything but joy. : I dated a man who owns his own professional firm for over a year.

One of his tenants wanted to break their lease, so I had to find a new tenant for him.

It took four months for us to find him a new employee.