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08 Feb

When you register your business proposals, include words that other users are expected to often use for their Keyword Search in “Proposal Title,” “Features & Characteristics” and “Image Captions.” This will improve hit ratio for your business proposals.Evaluation and approval are based on compliance with the Board’s WI Guidelines, available at the Campus Writing Program’s (CWP) website.The Board approves courses as WI by-instructor and by-semester, for up to one academic year at a time.Keyword Search looks for business proposals containing one or more words specified by other users in"Proposal Title," "Features & Characteristics"or "Image Captions." In TTPP’s Japanese website, you can use any keywords in both of Japanese and English for search.Keywords in English are acceptable only for search in TTPP’s English website.

Subcommittees may vote to recommend approval of a course, or may request that one of the CWP Coordinators correspond with an applying instructor for more information or modifications to the course in question.

Courses may be tabled if the subcommittee’s questions/concerns are not answered in time for the next Board meeting, or may not be approved.

If you use criteria from all categories of conditions, it is likely you would fail to find any business proposals.

TTPP recommends that you use search criteria from a maximum of two or three categories of conditions to refine your search.