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For instance, a confidential 2007 report from the U. Consul General in Dubai, which was released by Wikileaks, recounts the UAE’s efforts to build fences along its borders with Oman and Saudi Arabia “to stop illegal immigration.” According to the report, “Since 2005 the [government] has been erecting fences along its borders with Saudi Arabia and Oman. noticed strangers, they would detain them and call the police.The Minister may order the deportation of a non-national—even if holding a residence permit—if convicted and the court has issued an order for his deportation; if he has no apparent means of living; or if the security authorities see that public interest or public security or public morals require his deportation (Article 23).Under Article 26 as amended by Federal Decree - Law no.What little information the GDP was able to gather was gleaned through reviewing relevant legislation, media reports, reports of the U. State Department, as well as reports from researchers at international NGOs like AI and HRW, with whom the GDP consulted directly during the preparation of this report.The GDP also undertook a thorough review of information available from European Union institutions and relevant UN agencies and human rights mechanisms.

6 on Entry and Residence of Aliens), prescribes detention in certain circumstances, including to execute a deportation or as punishment for violating immigration provisions.[16] Aliens can be detained for up to three months for failing to maintain a valid residence permit; failing to leave the country after cancellation or expiry of an entry or residence permit; or failing to pay overstay fines (Article 21 of Federal Law No. The Department of Nationality and Immigration is authorized to order the deportation of any alien who does not have a residence permit or who has not renewed his permit in accordance with legal requirements (Article 29).

In addition, the Minister of Interior is authorized to detain any foreigner against whom a deportation order has been issued for a period not exceeding two weeks, but only if the detention is essential for executing the deportation order (Article 25).

Foreign labour has been a critically important element in the country’s ability to spur economic growth and maintain a high standard of living for native Emiratis, who are a tiny minority.

The country has one of the highest ratios of foreigners in the world with expatriates representing roughly 90 percent of the total population and 95 percent of the workforce.[7] This imbalance is also starkly reflected in the country’s prison population.

Lastly, the GDP reached out to international organisations with offices in the country and the embassies of migrant sending countries, though these efforts failed to result in much information.

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