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18 Apr

Another view was the Dravidians entered India through the north west, developed Indus valley civilization and settled in North India.

As thousands of urns were buried on the slope of a hillock, it may also be called as Mound of Dead, like that of Mohenjodaro, which means a Mount of Dead.

Therefore, Adittanallur may be described as the Mohenjodaro of South India.

But, on 26 December 2004, we were the witness to the huge seismic waves, triggered by a massive under-sea earthquake off Sumatra in Indonesia, hitting the coastal areas of half a dozen littoral countries of the Indian Ocean, washing away a number of villages and towns, killing more than three lakhs of people and causing destruction of properties worth several thousand crores of rupees.

The titanic tsunami as it was called, was described as the fifth largest earthquake under the sea since the beginning of the 20th century and the biggest in 40 years.

Since the Kumari hills and Kumari river were there on the sunken land beyond kanyakumari, according to the Tamil literature, that land could be called Kumari Land.

The second objection of the historians is the unbelievable nature of the sea engulfing the whole continent.

The salient features of the ancient Tamil civilization are widely known among the scholars.