Dev patel and freida pinto still dating 2016 School camping sex

27 Jul

It's a Dickensian picture about a world rarely, if ever, seen in mainstream movies, a film that grabs us from the opening frame and doesn't let go until the credits roll at the end. Every once in a while there is a sleeper film, usually an independent movie, that comes along, takes everyone by surprise, then gets terrific word of mouth and becomes a huge success.

It appears Dev has a knack for falling for his co-stars.

emocionó a todo el planeta, les brindó fama a nivel mundial y arrasó en los premios Oscar y en los Globos de Oro.

I am very grounded because, actually, acting is hard work.

Dev Patel's mother has confirmed the British actor is dating his "Slumdog Millionaire" co-star Freida Pinto.

I'm just a regular guy who spends weekends hanging out with the lads.

"I don't go crazy and I am not very celebrity-minded.

He said: "The most important women in my life are my mum and older sister, Komal.

They are brutally frank -- they are the people who keep me grounded through any possible ego moments. If I'm not asleep, I'm going at full speed at everything.

was nominated for six awards, including Best Picture.

He didn't walk away with Oscar gold that night, but judging by the look on his face in these new photos, Dev is totally winning at life!

I won't see a better, more exhilarating movie this year than Danny Boyle's "Slumdog Millionaire." If Academy voters have any sense, they will nominate this for Best Picture and Best Director and then vote overwhelmingly for it for both awards.