Who is chink santana dating

26 Jan

Diamond tells Rich that she latched on to him because she really wanted a male companion and for that she’s sorry, and she hopes they can be friends.Cisco then says that he’s thankful for Rich bringing Cyn into his life and Cyn blushes.Rich meets with Diamond to talk, and Rich asks Diamond about her behavior the other night.Cyn likes seeing the softer side of Cisco and asks whether he’s still dating Diamond, but Cisco says they’re no longer involved with each other.Cyn asks Cisco how he feels about Rich being with his ex, and Cisco replies that he can forgive but he won’t forget.

This past summer she moved to New York to move closer to her boyfriend but he has a problem with it.Cisco has been dating other women throughout their long distance relationship. In 2014 he opened a recovery center in Los Angeles to help people dealing with addictions and substance abuse problems, from alcohol, drugs, prescription medications and even food.

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